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Outdoor Wok Burners from Thailand - KB5


Outdoor Wok Burners from Thailand - KB5

Outdoor Wok Burners from Thailand - KB5

Ever wondered how to cook authentic Thai cuisine in your backyard?

In this article, I will briefly describe the most popular burner for Asian stir- fried dishes and try to answer most frequently asked questions by our foreign customers.

Starting from the power of the burner, KB5 is a mid-range high pressure burner. This model is mostly used in Thailand. Most restaurants have at least one set. If you have ever visited Thailand, I am sure you could see them very often while enjoying Street Food or walking around cities.

Why KB5? It’s very simple, the power is strong enough to make most Thai dishes.[ASS1]  They are efficient because they use less gas than KB7 and KB8 which is a crucial factor for business owners, especially independent family-owned restaurants, or street vendors.

Why KB5? It’s very simple, the power is strong enough to make most Thai dishes. They are efficient because they use less gas than KB7 and KB8 which is a crucial factor for business owners, especially independent family-owned restaurants, or street vendors. 

For bigger models like KB7 and KB8, they have the power output of between 60,000-65,000 BTU. They are normally used to cook larger portion of food like in restaurants such as preparing curry or stock as well as deep frying. While KB10, 15, and 20 are used in factories for both food and non-food applications.

Are there different types of KB5?
There are 2 main types of KB5;

  1. KB5 with brass valve (manual ignition) – highly recommended for using outside Thailand as the valve can last very long time. Just need some cleaning occasionally depending on how often you use the burner.
  2. KB5 Auto (automatic ignition system) – Easy to use like gas stoves in your home. This model is not recommended outside Thailand as the ignition system can wear out and will require a replacement of certain parts.

    Basically, all KB5 burners are similar in power which is 50,000 BTU. What you can see and find on the internet are just from various manufacturers. They are slightly different in terms of design and colors which mainly come in green, brown, or black.

    Another factor that you should consider is the weight. In general, the weight is about 5 KG. Cheaper range of KB5 is lighter due to less amount of metal used for production. The cheaper one or thinner KB5 has competitive price but they are less durable than heavier, thicker more solid burners.

    Most burners are sold as a set with a valve that is also a factor when comes to pricing.  Some sellers use cheap low grade metal valves. They are indeed more affordable but consequently those valves tend to leak sooner and overall are less durable. When you choose the valves, go for brass ones which are better quality and will last longer as brass can withstand higher temperature and more durable when exposed to heat. We use valves sourced from the top Thai manufacturer who has been our great partner for decades and we have full confidence in their quality (picture below).

    RT-Champ : Premium Quality Brass Valve

What else do I need to start using KB5?

Once you have purchased the burner with valve you will need few things in order to use it.

Let’s begin from the pressure regulator. They are very easy to get so we always recommend buying them in your country for few reasons. One of them is the fact that some norms such as CE are required. Another thing that you have to remember is the gas tank you use may have different connection than we have in Thailand and you will not be able to connect it unless you can find an adapter. When you choose your regulator, always make sure it can be applied to high pressure. The optimal pressure for KB5 is 30 - 35 PSI or 2 - 2.4 bar. That is the only requirement that need to be met. You can buy any regulators that can adjust to the required pressure. Therefore, the color, size, shape, or gauge all those do not matter. If you are wondering what type of gas we use in Thailand, it’s propane butane. 

How do I assemble my burner?

There may be some slight differences such as the type of hose (no clips) but in general if you follow the steps showed below it should be more than enough to make it work.

  1. Screw in the valve into the end of burner pipe. When you reach the end, turn the valve back slightly so the copper pipe is over the burner (our logo facing up). Then, use a spanner to secure the valve.

  2. After linking a high pressure regulator with LPG cylinder (gas tank) and LPG hose, connect the other end of LPG hose to the valve. Make sure to secure hose clip safely to avoid gas leak.


  3. Before opening gas tank, please make sure the valve knobs are at “Close” position. To light up pilot flame, turn on the right knob and use a lighter gun to light it up. Adjust the copper tube so the pilot flame is as close to the burner as possible

  4. Turn on the left knob to light up the burner. The burner is most efficient when the flame is blue as shown on Picture A. In order to adjust the flame, screw in or out the air controller as necessary. If the air controller is closed or too narrow, the amount of air is not enough to mix with gas. The flame will be red and it will leave a burn marks at the bottom of your wok or pots.

    To sum up, I hope this article gave you a general idea about Thai high pressure burners, especially KB5 model that is our top seller. Enjoy cooking!

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